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How Do We Work?

Demand Collection

Preliminary requests of your product needs in different sectors are received from you by our professional teams. As a result of the evaluation, price performance, quality standards are determined and a result of the evaluation meetings with our clients, the final contract is signed between the ADG International institutional team and the customer.

Business Development

At least three different suppliers are determined within the scope of the demands of the products specified in the contract. Product samples and pricing studies are carried out with these suppliers. During the decision phase process, the evaluations of our company are added and submitted to the approval of the customer. After the approval process, the product quality-control and shipment process begins.

Quality Control and Shipping

The products covered by the contract are subjected to quality control by ADG International corporate personnel, individually or on a partial basis, during the production phase. With the assurance of our company at the factory, the products are packed under the most correct conditions, after the transportation and customs clearance are carried out, and then goods shipped to the customer.

Sectors We Serve

Electric- Electronic

Electrical appliances, Communication and automation systems, security systems, video and sound systems, cables, conductors with connectors, electrical distribution and control panels, etc…

Textile, Confection, Leather

Confection, Fabric-Thread- Button types, Laces, Textile scraps, Fabric residues, etc…


Construction equipment, Tower crane, Building materials, Plastic and iron pipe types, Bolt and nut types, Shower cabin, Scrap iron, Forest products, Glass, etc…


Cutting punching machine, Sublimation press machines, Printing machines, Bottling machines, Bending machine, Pharmaceutical production machines, etc…


Auto accessories, Automobile paints, Auto spare parts, Mirrors, Glasses, Headlights, Cylinder head, Filter types, Engine and transmission parts, etc…


Children and baby toys, Educational toys, All kinds of bicycles, Scooters, Vehicles with and without control, Types of dolls, etc…

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